"the Red Centre, Australia" I love red dirt country and like this softer colour sky with it

"the Red Centre, Australia"red dirt country and softer colour sky with it

Glen Helen Gorge, Red Centre, Australia

Glen Helen Gorge

Glen Helen is west of Alice Springs along the West MacDonnell Ranges, where the hidden gems of Standley Chasm & Ormiston Gorge lie.

Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park, Natural, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Australia,

Ayers Rock is one of the oldest rocks on Earth. It is located in Australia. "Uluru," as Ayers Rock is called by Aborigines, is a sacred site for them.

Five places you must visit in the magic, majesty, silence and splendid isolation of Australia’s Red Centre.

Explore Australia's Red Centre, from Uluru (formerly known as Ayer's Rock), where you can learn about Aboriginal Australian culture, discover Alice Springs and marvel at Kings Canyon.

Standley Chasm, Red Centre Australia

This has been panorama treated vertically, as it was just too high in a confined space to get the crack in one image.

Red Centre

Australian Travel takes you on a journey to a selection of superb destinations around this part of the world including Ayers Rock and the outbacks of Darwin and Alice Springs.

Through the Red Centre & back!

Through the Red Centre & back!

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