The Eros. To do very soon!!

Pole dancing, pole fitness, lovely pointed toes, beautiful…… oh oh i…

Announcing the new fully illustrated "Pole Tricks Handbook" for pole lovers! Your complete easy to read A-Z of pole dancing moves that will help you master all levels of pole dancing.

Did you know that pole fitness is the latest new fitness workout? It's a fun way to workout and trains the entire body. Learn how to lose weight feel sexy at the same time!


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I may kill myself in them, but I need them in my sparkly shoe collection!

inverted crucifix

Pole Picture of the Day: (Sexy Edition): Sara Brazzale Planning your life around pole dancing? Well, if you're a Unitedpoleartists Upa member, you can.

Anastasia Skukhtorova.. Is so bendy I think she's not human. Lol She's amazing :)

Learn How to Pole Dance / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die. My Aunt teaches a pole fitness class in Florida!