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Just because some people don't like how I dress or act doesn't mean they should force me into something i'm not!!!!

My quote❤ My favorite black veil brides quote❤ the kickass outfit I want😍❤ the hair❤🔥 It's fuckin perfection

Ashley -Black Veil Brides GiF he's adorable!

Ashley -Black Veil Brides GiF Draw me like one of your French girls

BVB 2014

BVB Ashley is like: B**** I'm to fabulous, I'm gonna lean on you CC

black veil brides quotes -Ashley Purdy" I have to explain this all the time

Note to Ash- don't stick tongue out cause Andy will whip you with his hair for it

ash: * tongue out * andy: put it back in your mouth mister. * hits him with head * XD