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Headband holder

Baby Shower Activity (assuming the baby is a girl. lol) - A Hair Clip/Bow Making Station where there are supplies/embellishments for everyone to make a hair clip/bow for the baby. baby,baby shower,Crafts and Ideas,Crafty

Reused trampoline! for snuggling in the backyard :) I want!

This is one way to keep your tent up out of rain puddles, but probably pretty sketchy in a windstorm. Suspended tent, can be made from old trampoline or similar hoop. - Floating Round Hanging Bed With Waterproof Tent For Camping Or Outdoor Use

you are my fave: giant crepe paper wall flower tutorial

a giant wall flower is my fave (guest post from alli) ~ You Are My Fave / diy here - greenweddingshoes.