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I want to make absinthe with sugar breeze blocks.

Funny pictures about Sugar Blocks. Oh, and cool pics about Sugar Blocks. Also, Sugar Blocks.

ombre stationery...

Abby sent me these airbrushed invitations by Anisa Suthayalai and Alex Lin. Formerly both of Default and now Default and StudioLin.

Honey I Left It On The Toast


This toaster by Sasha Tseng allows you to burn your custom messages in your own handwriting onto slices of ordinary bread. This toaster by Sasha Tseng incorporates a little message board where one …

Puzzle screen - where could I find some cool wooden shapes to do something like this?

Decorating Ideas to Steal From Season Three of Mad Men

Yamarilet Pacheco of etco shapes vessels of paper mache that are obviously handmade, yet beautifully refined - not an easy look to achieve.

Paper mache bowl with copper leaf inside. This is a huge step up from the mandala bowls I used to make with my freshmen!

london cottage  (photo by lindsay uhrich)

london cottage (photo by lindsay uhrich)

Digital Pocket Watch

Gosh this is exactly what I need. but in stainless steel pleaseeee .