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Not only “deal” but good Lord, GET OVER IT. Don’t let it fester, it will just give you a rash

Cafe Pretzel presents "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it" fridge magnet with retro style! Check out all the funny vintage refrigerator magnets at Cafe Pretzel!

I think when my babies are teenagers, this sign is going up.

my girl-friend says this all the time. i told her to throw out all her old panties and that way she'd have on her big-girl ones all the time.

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I've decided that 2015 is going to be the year I stop procrastinating and get on with doing all the things I've promised myself I was going to do in you get the picture.

Elegant Coastal Succulent Terrarium by Tinasittybittygarden on Etsy

The mango wood bases anchors a sleek glass cylinder for a distinctly contemporary flair. This modern elegant Coastal Succulent Terrarium is

Displaying succulents in a jar. These were grouped as a wedding centerpiece.

Glass vases are filled with dry pinto beans and different succulents such as mini cactus and echeveria. For a little more color fresh open roses clustered around the base of pillar candles in terra cotta holders.

Grow plants from kitchen scraps

Grow plants from kitchen scraps. This is neat have pineapple growing, romaine lettuce growing and celery growing!