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How to apply lipliner (for beginners)

While the full-lipped look is all the rage, it’s not easy for everyone to achieve. This simple trick using geometric shapes can help your lips look fuller! To begin, start by drawing an ‘X’ below your cupid’s bow.

How to apply eyeliner for beginners.

Doe Eye: Sandy nude eyeshadow in crease & nude pink on lid. Thicken eyeliner base across lid. Perfect upper eyeliner line to meet wing. White pencil liner on bottom. Black liquid liner on of bottom lashes. Add falsies and mascara.

Hahaha! The comment underneath... XD I'm laughing so hard cos none of us really has any common sense lol

2003 Baby yes I'm 12 and just so you know not all 12 year olds are as dumb as people say we are. We may still not be teens but we're not kids people should respect others of all ages.

Caption Cats: 20 Funny Cat Photos

34 Super Funny And Cute Animal Pictures [ "Funny pictures about Minions of darkness. Oh, and cool pics about Minions of darkness. Also, Minions of darkness.


DUDE idk how to repost but I clicked my home screen three times and it randomly went to S Voice. let me know if this happened to you.