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Small wood box. wood drawer box. Bandsaw box. wood grain. australian wood. glass drawer knob. western australia. tuart timber

Tiny wooden boxes made from offcuts of beautiful Australuan timbers with handmade glass drawer pulls

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Small Isosceles box wood box. tuart box. drawer box. reclaimed timber box. minimalist design. triangle. australian design

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Pod boxes with second oil coat

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Sweet lines ship box with three secret drawers and underwater kelp forest glass ⚓️⚓️⚓️

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Rocking boxes made from reclaimed eucalypt timber with colourful glass drawer pulls

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RESERVED FOR MARIANA** Snappy Gum timber dancing box small wooden box. wood box. glass drawer knob. little wooden box. Western Australia

Branding iron time for little wooden boxes TOMMY'S HUT ⚒

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secret drawer box. Woody bandsaw box. wooden box. copper homewares. hidden compartment. wood box. western australia. copper drawer pull