Albino Rodrigues

Albino Rodrigues

Albino Rodrigues
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Here's another piece done for Nvidia. The idea was to use the Nvidia swoop as part of the design language, so you see it throughout the character. The overall design was provided, and the more intricate details and functionality were designed by me.

Let me see...

Irobot Custom Rusty Robot Minion Designed and Made for You This Awesome Mech Used To Be Just A Normal, Everyday Truck Steampunk Rusty Robots Show Special

Robot concept art by Daryl Mandryk

I love giant robots. concept robots: Robot concept art by Daryl Mandryk

giant glare

Rangers First time (Megazord) by ~genesisa on deviantART//// oh so many great memories from childhood!

CGTalk - Galaxy Saga (Applibot inc.) Beamgun commander, Geoffroy Thoorens (2D)

Really nice work by Geoffroy THOORENS. Keywords: digital concept robot illustrations by geoffroy thoorens djahal portfolio samp.