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Have you quite finished destroying my heart boys?!<<<<CAKKEEEEEE!!!!!! OMG HALP! (You would only get this if you are an actual member of the 5sosfam)

Micheal like what the bleep are u guys doing. Ashton like why am I in this band. Calum and Luke like yah this pic is all that u need to know if u new

Luke Hemmings Calum Hood Cake 5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS

Luke Hemmings Calum Hood Cake 5 Seconds of Summer am I the only one who first noticed ashton in the back then realized calums pants where falling down all before I realized that luke was the one carrying calum

5sos with their jerseys:)

"So who's your boyfriend?" "The one in the number 5 jersey"

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer 5sos

Lucas Robert Hemmings Let’s look on some of my very fave pictures of Lukey: I love this on, just look at his shy smile, and then his shoulders omg his shoulders….and his hair just looks super duper.

Ashton Irwin 5 Seconds of Summer 5SOS

my favorite picture of ashton like the editing the smile the starbucks the dimples

5 seconds of summer 5sos. Love this part. Lol! Ashton!

Ashton has decides to be a beautiful butterfly in this picture .

This picture is the only thing you need to know about 5sos.

Can we just talk about the boys fringes' omg their hair tho