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Double gaucho knot

In this video I demonstrate how to tie a double gaucho knot as demonstrated by Bruce Grant in his encyclopedia. The knot is not tied with the interweave meth.

Spiral hitched paracord handle

Video - Spiral hitched paracord handle - used on official Pack 94 Hiking Club hiking sticks!

How to make a paracord axe handle wrap

How to make a paracord axe handle wrap - Paracord guild Tip- always keep long (end used for wrapping) cord facing handle when making each bight

How to throw multiple bowls that are 'alike' on the potter's wheel (mass producing). inexact measurements, use trimming tool as a size guide

In this video I show how I throw my soup bowls, that I do mass produce when I throw them. There is no secret to making 'alike' pieces but I do suggest always.

Maishe Dickman Hand Thrown Stoneware Turquoise Tea Set Extra Large, Artistic Artisan Pottery -

Tea Set Extra Large by Maishe Dickman

Thai pattern graphic - csp8485992

Vector Illustration of Thai pattern - Search Clipart, Illustration, Drawings, and EPS Clip Art Graphics Images