An aerial view of Lake Eyre in South Australia. Spanning 9,500 Square Kilometres,this is the largest salt lake in Australia.@granthunt(via IG)

Aerial view of the magnificent Lake Eyre in Spanning square kilometres, it's the largest salt lake in Australia and is best experienced on a scenic flight - so you can truly take in its vastness and the stark contrast of the surrounding outback.

Rover Thomas, Kankamkankami, 1998.

Rover Thomas, Kankamkankami, One of my fav aboriginal painters!

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Rover Thomas Australian Aboriginal Artist featured in Top 200 Australian Aboriginal Artists presented by the Aboriginal Art Directory Gallery.

A salt lake near Stirling Ranges, WA Australia

Salt Lake Stirling Ranges, Salt lakes have a higher concentration of salt than sea water. Stirling Ranges National Park consists of Mallee heath on the higher ground, woodlands and wetlands and salt lake on the lower slopes and plains.

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