dustin martin -

This guy has just turned 22 today(Happy Birthday Dusty if you are a reader). He has copped it left, right and center from the media.

dustin martin

dustin martin - everyone has to at least have one footballer on their page. no don't leave us

Joel Selwood

10 more Pins for AFL board - - Leopold Primary School Mail

Corey Enright & Joel Corey  :-)

Corey and Corey. Corey Enright and Joel Corey

2009 Grand Final winners :-)

2009 Grand Final winners :-)

jimmy bartel -

the package - strong talented Cat, nice guy, does charity gigs, studies and has movie star looks!

Troy, Joel, Adam and Scott Selwood

ADAM Selwood declares it the starting point of his younger brother turning into one of the hardest players in the AFL.

Harry Taylor :-)

Harry Taylor :-)

Buddy Franklin <3

yes please.

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