Chicken braised with mushroom and thyme

Neil Perry - Chicken braised with mushroom and thyme. A winter warmer delicious with chips, pasta or on its own.

One-tray wonder: Baked sweet potato and sausages with salsa verde and sour cream

The natural sweetness of the sweet potato complements the savoury sausages and tart salsa verde for a simple set-and-forget one-tray meal.

Adam Liaw's luscious, rich goulash

Chocolate is universally loved, but the way it's used as an ingredient varies greatly from country to country. Just a hint of chocolate in this goulash gives it .

Three one-tray wonders from One Pan Roasts

Three one-tray wonders from One Pan Roasts

Neil Perry's slow-cooked brisket

Braises don't get simpler or more tasty than this beef brisket. Cook it slowly, at the gentlest of simmers, and keep the temperature constant.

Chicken and corn soup recipe

This soup is a triumphant use of leftovers, pairing tomatoey chicken broth with the sweetness of corn. Try it garnished with plenty of herbs, red chilli and a .

Serve twith crusty bread, potato purée or soft polenta

Neil Perry's veal shank slow cooked in wine.

Braised chicken with dutch creams, speck and tarragon

Karen Martini's one-pot chicken dinner Karen Martini shares her recipe for braised chicken with Dutch creams, speck and tarragon.

Pot-roasted pork shoulder with apple and cabbage

The pork shoulder breaks down during low, slow cooking to create a lovely tender meal.

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