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syndey, australia / i'm fucked up, but that's okay.
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Wait are you not supposed to text someone more than twice? I text people a million times if they don't respond. Is that why I have no friends?

God, I wish someone says this to me (not someone actaully). Anyways my awkward anxiety probably make people wanna puke.

-yeah that's what drew me in. Your natural awkward anxiety ridden charm (Viktor to Yuuri)

The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds [Buy on Amazon], written and illustrated by Matt Adrian, aka naturalist The Mincing Mockingbird.

"I'm three ounces of whoop-ass" Bird Magnet. I have an assorted set of funny bird magnets from this Etsy seller and they're pretty adorable.

Don't forget eating and disappointing others <--- I'm not very good at the last one my family is too nice XD

Don't forget eating and disappointing others << My cousin told someone about me "yeah she's great at a lot of things. like being awkward, sewing, eating, sleeping.