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✨if anyone that follows my acc is wondering, I was invited to this artistic photographyboard by a fren✨mermaidwillow

Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Cabin Fever

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The 12 Most Underrated Places In Iowa That You Must Check Out

Remember all those places on your bucket list you didn't have time to see this year? The new year is the perfect time to start checking them off your to-do list.

Famous Quotes on Images (Part 1)

My name is Matt an aspiring artist (ceramics mostly) and horticulturist and Nothing is mine unless I say it is. I will do my best to source everything I can. So with that said if you see something that is yours and want me to remove it I will. Simple...

Kinder Scout, Derbyshire | England (by Richstroller) - Derbyshire is where the fictional Pemberley was set in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Mali was worth 10.31 billion US dollars in 2012. The GDP value of Mali represents 0.02 percent of the world economy.