vegfood: Kuthiraivali rice payasam/ Barnyard millet Kheer

Kheer / payasam is a sweet pudding with milk/ condensed milk boiling rice and flavored with kesar / saffron and cardamon and raisin,cashe.

vegfood: Bengali Rasgulla

C Das rasgulla that my dad used to buy for us whenever he visits Kolkata.

vegfood: Vendakkai mandi/ Okra fry in tamarind sauce

Okra/ vendakkai/bendakkaya is vegetable that most kids don't like because of their slimey nature, I remember as a kid my Mom used to say " .

vegfood: Kadai panner

KAdai is a traditional vessel / utensil , a deep frying pan , as the name suggests ,this recipe is cooked in it and good accompaniment of.

vegfood: Smooth Loofa /luffa fry

Loofa/luffa a climber generally grows in summer or dry climate. Its gourd family and there are two types one with rough skin and the other .

vegfood: Dal Makhani

MAkhani is butter , this recipe is combination of two lentils cooked in butter and cream, which gives rich taste to the dish, dal makha.

vegfood: Kadi Pakorai

Kadi pakori is a North Indian dish, basically pakori or fritters dunked in sauce made with yogurt an besan flour and tempered with cumin s.

vegfood: Veggie toast

vegfood: Veggie toast

vegfood: Lunch Menu - Idea #7

vegfood: Lunch Menu - Idea #7

vegfood: Idli dosa sambar/Tiffin sambar

Ingredients: cup moong dhal 1 tbsp of oil 2 tomatoes 2 shallots .