Australian history - with interactives. (Requires flash so not for iPads, but wow! See the resources you could use from the National Museum of Australia

Explore the strange boots, made by Myles Dunphy for a very special member of his bush walking family. After you have worked out who and what they are for, look at a map showing the national parks in your state or territory. For year olds

Primary History Australian Curriculum Topic. Complete units of work, programs and lesson ideas for P-6 AC History. Curated by Maree Whiteley

Learn about the Early Explorers of Australia in this animated rap. Lyrics to rap. Willem Jansz: Back in March Dutchexplorer Willem Jansz, Co-mman-ded t.

FREE SAMPLE UNIT - A-Z of Convicts of Van Diemen’s Land Author: Simon Banard Themes: Convicts, Transportation, British colonisation and settlement Years: Australian Curriculum: English Years 4 and 5; History Years 4 and 5; Geography Year 4 (NSW Stage 2 and Stage 3) Codes: AC – Australian Curriculum: English. History EN – NSW English syllabus for AC HT – NSW History Unit writer: Amanda Worlley

A-Z of Convicts in Van Diemen's Land - Simon Barnard - Book Week 2015 Shortlisted

Year 4 Unit: 1788 - Was life the same for everyone? This unit closely examines a range of texts, to help the students develop an understanding of how texts, including multimodal texts, are created using linguistic, visual, audio, gestural and spatial design systems to create meaning. The unit complements a historical inquiry around the experiences of the early settlers and contact with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island peoples.

Year 4 Exploring text - Nanberry, Grim Crims and Convicts, Avoid being a convict and Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet

First Fleet Arrives 1788 (YouTube), Aboriginal perspective

First Fleet Arrives 1788 (YouTube), Aboriginal ...

Australia is My Home - A History Unit for Years 5/6 on Migration in Australia's History - Australian Curriculum Lessons

History Unit Summary: History learning is crucial to the primary school classroom. History informs and reminds us of the past.

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Australian History Lesson: Migration and Settlement in Australia - Australian Curriculum Lessons

Australian History Lesson: Migration and Settlement in Australia - Australian Curriculum Lessons Sample Unit for Teachers - Resource

Australian History First Fleet & Surviving Sydney Cove Lapbook and Unit Study. Australian Studies.

Australian History First Fleet & Sydney Cove

Videos Australian History First Fleet & Surviving Sydney Cove Lapbook and Unit Study.

Introducing Australian History.  Stories from the First Fleet. ACHHK079 Nature of contact between Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander and others. ACHHK080.

Introducing Australian History

Literature to support the Australian curriculum: History by Fran Knight - an annotated Bibliography of Australian History - organised by Key Inquiry Topics and Year Level

The use of aboriginal literature to support the curriculum would provide indigenous children with a bridge between their experiences and the classroom.

A great unit from the History Teachers of Australia on Colonisation and the First Fleet.

Cooke, Edward William, Prison-ship in Portsmouth Harbour, convicts going aboard [picture]

Tom Appleby, eight year old chimney sweep is convicted of stealing and sentenced to deportation to Botany Bay. This book tells of a colony that, despite its natural abundance, cannot offer what the colonists want. While the people's health is better than ever, their morale is low as they wait for news from home. It is for those aged 10 and above.

Booktopia has Tom Appleby Convict Boy by Jackie French. Buy a discounted Paperback of Tom Appleby Convict Boy online from Australia's leading online bookstore.

Why did Europeans settle in Australia? In this unit you will find out why England decided to settle Australia and why the First Fleet sailed here in 1788 with more than 1000 convicts and marine guards on board.

Useful & easy to play implement lesson Plans from National Museum of Australia on the first fleet