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Companion Cube Cookie Jar

The cake may have been a lie, but cookies will definitely be served with this Portal Companion Cube Cookie Jar. This officially licensed Portal cookie jar is the perfect addition to any geek's kitchen and also works great as candy serving jar too.

I'll never look at a rubber ducky the same

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman has revealed the world’s largest rubber duck in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. The giant inflatable rubber duck is a floating sculpture that measures 13 x 14 x 15 meters. The duck will remain in the harbour until June

There are a lot of manuals for employees of Aperture Laboratories. But you don‘t necessarily have to read them. Just follow Cave Johnson‘s voice and you‘ll be fine, okay? Take these bookends, they‘ll hold the books up. Now let‘s get back to testing!

Portal Bookends from ThinkGeek. My son is a Portal game fan and these are the perfect bookends for him.

Super NES Toaster (14,99$): each and every piece of bread you magically turn into toast in it will, without a doubt, have a Mario character embedded into it.

A retro Super Nintendo toaster. Each and every piece of bread can now turn into toast with Mario character embedded into it. You can choose The Toad, Mario, Luigi or the Princess.

#3 (Save The Planet) on the top 7 list of things that matter to Kevin

wwf rechauffement climatique glace monde fond This advertisement shows dominance as the most eye-catching element of the poster is the ice-cream cone which resembles the Earth.

I Want This Super Mario Aquarium

Aquariums are awesome. Retro gaming and Lego? Also awesome. Combine all three, and you have one of the geekiest DIY fish tanks around. This is the Super Mario Bros. aquarium, created by graphic designer …