Paris Paris Paris paris

Paris- city of lights, love, and someother stuff. Cant wait to see all of paris from the eiffel tower!

bali bali bali

Movies shot at Indonesia > Bali > Ubud > Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Find shooting location services, scouts, film incentives and policies.

Singapore, Singapore travel

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia i love places like this. because in my american mind i forget to think of places like Malaysia as vacation destinations. but what a beautiful city! added to my "some-day" list!


Anantara Bangkok Sathorn - Bangkok, Thailand Honeymoon stop 1 - arrive in Bangkok and head to this hotel, still in the heart of it all but a place to relax and get used to the time change.


The Serenity Of Phuket - Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world in much part due to the natural beauty seen in the photograph above.


Doha, Qatar – The Most Incredible Qatar Attraction

Doha, Qatar - The Pearl, Doha. what an Amazing Place this must be to Live!


The city of Rhodes was formed by the cities of Ialyssos, Kamiros and Lindos in 408 and prospered for three centuries during its Golden Age, when sea trade, skilled shipbuilders, and open-minded politicians of the city kept it prosperous until Roman times.