Proxie Nikita

Proxie Nikita

I am 12 years old. I love fashion, creepypasta and YouTube. There is more to me but that will take to long
Proxie Nikita
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We're Gonna Find This Wicked Witch...

That's a vicious steriotype! Oh so you don't like bananas? What are you talking about, I'm a monkey of course I love bananas :P

Frozen Comics - Ice Party

Frozen Comics - Ice Party - this is really cute<<<it even had Sailor Mercury and Frozon found his supersuit

#Dobby #HarryPotter #Funny hahahahahha

When a person tried to use Dobby to avoid chores. Keeping a sock on me at all times to avoid chores from now on.

Oh. My. God.

Funny pictures about Harry Potter Mystery Has Finally Been Solved. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter Mystery Has Finally Been Solved. Also, Harry Potter Mystery Has Finally Been Solved photos.

This is the hardest decision of my life.>>> id probably go with yellow…

Either blue or pink.getting to be Dauntless (and spend time with Four and Tris and Christina, etc.) would be enough for me. At least then Tobias and Tris would have a happy ending!

And morons

And morons