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Bible Based Church?

It was the Catholic Church that decided which books are inspired of God and belong in the Bible, and preserved the Bible centuries before any other Christian traditions existed.


Jack Sparrow Being Chased because he hasn't seen the movie Frozen :-)

Catholic Humour, but really think about it...

The Judas Shuffle! Catholic Humour, but really think about it. Never leave mass early i. before final commendation and benediction.

Frankenstein and Saint Peter

Catholic Humor: Frankenstein and Saint Peter

Picking and choosing

cracked me up.funny cartoon about "Doubting Thomas"


You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means, Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride Movie, 10 Words That You’ve Probably Been Misusing (As a former editor, I have to say this is a really good list.

On the contrary dear

Jehan Georges Vibert or Jean Georges Vibert – French academic painter. ‘The preening peacock’ oil on panel

Assumption of Mary joke

How it feels to be Catholic in today's society sometimes. - Catholic Memes

What I assume my dog thinks when I wont play - FunSubstance

Catholic Memes - Part 3

Because who said Catholics can't be gangsta? Catholic Memes - Part 3