If you need a lightweight glass product that offers maximum security to meet your design requirements, then look no further than AssaultGuard™ Ultra.
Most people think that a high level of security would mean compromising on the open and inviting look of your space – but not with AssaultGuard™.
Bomb & BlastGuard™ is bomb resistant glass that allows buildings to maintain a high level of safety and security while still enjoying the benefits of larger window spaces.
In buildings like banks, embassies and police stations, an extreme level of protection is needed to ensure the safety of people within. Our BulletGuard™ range delivers just that.
As the name suggests, JailGuard™ is specialised security glass that is tough enough to meet the standards of correctional facilities.
Want that extra level of protection for the weak spots of your building without detracting from the design visually? Then IntruderGuard™ is the solution for you.
In some areas, military personnel face the serious threat of mines. That’s why we developed MineGuard™.
We created Observa™ to provide a two way mirror that offers offers high quality vision and effectively provides discreet, unobtrusive monitoring.

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