Little boxes, on the hillside. Little boxes made of?    Maison L / Christian Pottgiesser Architectures Possibles

Maison L / Christian Pottgiesser Architectures Possibles

Built by Christian Pottgiesser Architectures Possibles in Yvelines, France with date Images by George Dupin. Maison L « A house as a small town

Gymnase Clapiers / MDR Architectes

Gymnase Clapiers / MDR Architectes

Broadway Penthouse / Joel Sanders | ArchDaily

Broadway Penthouse / Joel Sanders

great skylight!  Hidden House / Teatum+Teatum

Gallery of Hidden House / Teatum+Teatum - 14

excellent timber detailing

Hill Plains House Wolveridge Architects Award Winning Sustainable Country House using recycled timber, polished concrete, exposed brick, mirror and plywood

Fun Pop-up auditorium by Black Maria by Richard Wentworth and GRUPPE

Black Maria by Richard Wentworth and GRUPPE

British artist Richard Wentworth has collaborated with Swiss architects GRUPPE to build a pop-up wooden auditorium in the atrium of Central Saint Martins art and design college in London.

Green wall to enliven a dull space? Im liking the citrus wall too as a contrast! Taoyuanju Office by Vector Architects.

Taoyuanju Office by Vector Architects

Taoyuanju (Tianjin) Office Interior Renovation Design with the area of 1200 was designed by Vector Architects. The existing space, which is an individual

Disturbing, but wonderful.  This XL dollhouse raises questions -  for me -  about architecture and playfulness...but its a bit creepy too, somehow.

In Canadian artist Heather Benning took a derelict farmhouse in Saskatchewan, Canada and made it into a cool life-size Dollhouse. It took her two years to fix it up and then she furnished it …

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