Gwendolynne Sabine back

Gorgeous Gwendolynne Gowns

Gwendolynne - AW 2012.

View all the catwalk photos of the Gwendolynne autumn (fall) / winter 2012 showing at L'Oreal Melbourne fashion festival.

Gwendolynne Summer 2011/12

Gwendolynne Summer 2011/12

Gorgeous Gwendolynne gown

When you're talking gowns, Gwendolynne can do no wrong in my opinion.

Gwendolynne "Cleopatra" Wedding gown

Gwendolynne 'Cleopatra' size 10 - Love Me Twice Pre-loved & Designer Sample wedding gowns for sale and petticoat hire

Gwendolynne "Delphini" Wedding gown

Such a pretty vintage style gown. From Gwendolynne - "Delphini" Wedding gown

Gwendolynne "Yoko" Wedding gown

What Arianne would wear on her wedding night to Harrion Karstark, Gwendolynne

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