Pannikin and Pinta - Colin Thiele

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Sea Monkey Care / What Are Sea Monkeys? -Amazing Amazon

What are Sea Monkeys? Check out our website on information on Sea Monkeys and you can also buy Sea Monkey Kits in Australia from our site or in our Aquarium store.

Lake Eyre

Water has begun filling up Lake Eyre in South Australia and transforming the dry outback into an inland oasis Its an extremely rare event and one of the most spectacular sights in Australia

Australian Outback | Floods Transform Lake Eyre - YouTube

Rare event of water filling Rivers and Lake Eyre in the Australian Outback . Queensland's summer floods have transformed parts of the outback landscape, enti.

Lake Eyre floods

Water flowing into South Australia's usually dry inland sea, Kati-Thanda Lake Eyre, is breathing new life into the harsh outback landscape.

Pelican fledgling

Pelican fledgling

Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia - home page

Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia - home page

Wikipedia article on Lake Eyre

Wikipedia article on Lake Eyre

Pannikin and Pinta _Teachers_guide.pdf

Pannikin and Pinta _Teachers_guide.

Australian Pelican - Photographer: J Fields Collection © Australian Museum

Australian Pelican - So many of these beautiful birds swarmed the beach when we were fishing!

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