Vittinoashe House Hope (example of laminate)

4 Hope St North Perth Renovation by Marco Vittino and Katherine Ashe

Tribe Studio

Simple kitchen, white appliances, white counter, light wood doors, "open shelving"/upper cabinets without doors. Also simple lights above shelves

Luigi Rosselli Fairfax Road

Modern white kitchen by Luigi Rosselli Architects

JacksonBurrowsClements Seaview House

Seaview House / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects- Gold behind work top and island unit?

Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry Flooring

Tribe Studio Sygall Koslowski

A small sampling of the amazing residential work done by Sydney based architecture firm Tribe Studios . I love how simple and streamlined th.

Multiplicity Architects Victorian House

Multiplicity Architects Victorian House

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