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How to stitch a wound #Survival #Preppers

medicalstate: “ A Brief Guide to Sutures. If I planned to go into surgery, I would learn more of these. My current repertoire consists of the simple (over and inverted), subcuticular, horizontal.

Playing at my Vise: Tying Flies http://hatchesmagazine.com/page/september2006/262 Recommended by http://www.fishinglondon.co.uk/

What an awesome job tying this fly. This person obviously spends some quality time at the Vise.

A Gentelman's Muse

This is how to set up a backwoods camp. I might add an additional tarp to one of the sides to cut down on wind.(has to be the best camp set up I have ever used)

Just in case you get hungry out in the wild... | How to Build a Trap and 14 other survival tips.

How To Build A Trap 15 Best Survival Traps Survival Skills Every Man Should Know Survival The Outdoo 2

Multiple ways to configure a tarp.

Various shelters using a tarp. Don't know if I can create all of these shelters using a tarp. But you never know until you try. Maybe bring a boy scout with you.

axe sharpening guide, very helpful to fully understand how... and more importantly, Why.

axe sharpening guide, very helpful to fully understand how. and more importantly, Why. Not sure this is relevant, but it was pinned on a Writing board, so I'm pinning as well.

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How To Build A Finnish Gap Fire For All Night Warmth - These fires are great when you’re sleeping outdoors in a lean-to shelter or under the tree canopy in very cold or arctic conditions. They burn all night, keeping you warm and are awesome to watch!