You Are Not One of A Kind: Complete Strangers That Look Exactly Alike

I’m not a look-alike! is a project by Canadian photographer François Brunelle. His goal is to take 200 photos of unrelated doppelgangers

Omar Adnan Chowdhury: Beautiful Cinematography from Bangladesh

Cinema is one of the most highly consumed cultural commodities and it is a powerful medium for understanding history, life and culture.

In With the Old: On Maleficent and the Return to Retro

The live action prequel to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Maleficent, has recently been released in cinemas. Maleficent tells the unknown story of the fairy’s rise.

The Smell of Us is on its Way

Larry Clark is at it again. Clark is a photographer and filmmaker with a fetish for documenting teenage rebellion and delving into the gritty details.

What Happens At Holi, Stays At Holi: Extraordinary Photos of the Colour Festival

Festival of colours - Colours rule streets as people celebrate Holi - The Economic Times

Muxes: A Celebration of Mixed Gender in Mexico

Nicola Ókin Frioli Documents Muxes In 'We Are Princesses In A Land Of Machos' (PHOTOS) The Muxes, individuals who identify as neither men nor women but instead embody a third category of mixed gender.

RIP Harold Ramis – Thankyou for Making Nerds Cool

Actors Bill Murray and Harold Ramis star in the film ‘Stripes’ in (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Faces Of Addiction – Chris Arnade

We all indulge a little in less-than-savoury lifestyle choices; we are but people of our respective vices. A spliff before going to bed, some powdery.

Cardboard Cinema

Duck Shoot is Rebecca Manley’s beautifully executed stop-motion short.

The Wonderful, Colourful World of Wes Anderson

Tony Revolori and Saoirse Ronan in The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson