Brett Weinbrecht

Brett Weinbrecht

Brett Weinbrecht
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Back yard haven...

Lights in gazebo enchanting. Needs softer lighting on lawn or no lights. Hide lawn lights with your hand and see for yourself. I love romantic, enchanting and ambiance. Take me away place. This has that feeling. Ditch the runway lights.

fish pond

old world spanish style fountain with three faces spouting water, urns, cascade and koi pond could be small wading pool

Apricot mulch

I am so impressed with your garden and how the apricot kernel mulch can instantly brighten the garden and neaten up corners and small patches!


No matter where you live, your garden will benefit year-round from properly applied mulch: a layer of organic or inorganic material spread evenly on the surface of the soil.

Roof terrace

Decking in recomposed stone by Decking Outdoor Roof Garden Architecture Revolution Architecture Revolution