Michael Leunig's Cartoons as a Teaching for Wellness

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Michael Leunig, an Australian artist and cartoonist, serves up humor with a heart and soul.
Simplicity of Nature has shown to be greatly rejuvenating.  The science of this is fractality, the physics of it is the study of sacred geometry.   -Dr. Coleman
Life is as simple as you allow it to be.  -Dr. Coleman
Some hurts are worthwhile.  -Dr. Coleman
Education reform starts with engagement.  -Dr. Coleman
Sensationalized media loses the message. Look for news that elevates and does not condemn.  Your heart will thank you. -Dr. Coleman
The new generation of physician and patient relationship is on equal grounds.  If your physician makes you feel like he is "above" you, find another one.  -Dr. Coleman
What you give to the world will come back around.  -Dr. Coleman
Empathy for each other teaches us to expand our awareness of possibilities.   Sympathy, constricts awareness.  -Dr. Coleman
A prayer is holding a heartfelt intention for someone or something.  -Dr. Coleman
If Newton found the theory of gravity, what could you find out by sitting under a tree?  -Dr. Coleman
Feeling blue? Go find Mother Nature. She is an excellent counselor.  -Dr. Coleman
We all have our own crosses to bear.  How we view their magnitude is our choice.  -Dr. Coleman
Humility is a perspective that is highly under-rated.   -Dr. Coleman
Be a nurturing figure; to yourself, your community, your thoughts...everyone can be a kind of "mother."   -Dr. Coleman
Stand up for what you believe in.  If you don't, even plastic surgery will be no cure for the "bags" under your eyes.  -Dr. Coleman
Make better selections in food choices and in what your eyes take in as well. -Dr. Coleman