Not for my house but i love the idea! - green wall // Zentro Office Building -

Rustic Living Wall - Zentro Office Building and Commercial - La Molina District, Peru - 2012 - Gonzalez Moix Arquitectura

MEDIR ARCHITETTI - ROBERTO IANIGRO E VALENTINA RICCIUTI/////// DISCOUNT TO PINTEREST CUSTOMERS Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experience.#pinoftheday///////

Love the added detail on these stairs - metal screen - MEDIR ARCHITETTI - Roberto Ianigro e Valentina Ricciuti stairs with mesh instead of glass for balustrade

Moss on the rocks //

My dream house would have a small outdoor garden in the center of the house. -Moss garden inside a small patio. The Eagle Ridge Residence by Gary Gladwish Architecture.

Autobahnkirche, Siegerland, Schneider+Schumacher Architekten

An abstract exterior that clearly signalises: I am a church! Designed by schneider + schumacher, this is Germany's motorway church.

Hill House / Andrew Maynard Architects

Gallery of Hill House / Austin Maynard Architects - 3

Australian architect Andrew Maynard completed the design for a modern home extension, entitled Hill House and located near Melbourne. The project sits on n artificial hill and was built for a family of five.

Tower House / Andrew Maynard Architects

Gallery of Tower House / Austin Maynard Architects - 24

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