Growing Dragon fruit (Pitaya) from seed - YouTube

Growing your own fruiting plants is easy and fun for anyone. It can be for school projects, back yard gardener, small farms and homesteaders.

Free Fruit Trees - YouTube

We grow all of our fruit trees from Seeds and cuttings.

Turmeric plants and Harvest - YouTube

Growing our own herbs and spices is easy and so satisfying.

Checking the sweet potatoes - YouTube

Sweet potatoes in a mound of dirt. Easy, low maintenance and high yield!

It's as easy as making soup - YouTube

Seriously soup can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it, raid your garden and put it in a pot it's that simple

Growing our own meat photos - YouTube

Growing our own meat from start to finish

Beers ciders and wines - YouTube

Yes we make our own beers, ciders and wines. We use both modern and old school traditional methods to suit our tast and using what ever we're growing or what.

What we're growing - YouTube

Photo collection of what we're growing on the farm. Living in South east Queensland we have a huge growing season and can grow something all year round

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