What are the important principles guiding an Emergent Curriculum? Reflections on EC and Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy

More Than Pretty: Creative Arts as a Language of Learning

With an Emergent Curriculum approach, the educator shares the driving seat with the child and the child’s words, actions, thoughts and play guide the learning curriculum.

"We learn best when we are at the center of our own learning. Inquiry-based learning is a learning process through questions generated from the interests, curiosities, and perspectives/experiences of the learner." This is at the very core of Small Learning Communities!!

6 learning methods every Century Teacher should know: inquiry, problem-based, discovery, cooperative, authentic and project-based

Mummy Musings and Mayhem: Working with the Framework Learning Outcomes - Part 1 LINKING http://www.mummymusingsandmayhem.com/2014/08/working-with-framework-learning.html

Working with the Framework Learning Outcomes - Part 1 LINKING

Can we have a little chat for a moment about linking the early years learning framework (ELYF) outcomes and your programming cycle? Because from what I can see this topic is causing educators an aw.

Emergent curriculum defined

This is my favourite curriculum, the one that I am most passionate about. Having taught this for a few years, the children are much more responsive, excited and open to new experiences.

Three Part Model of Emergent Curriculum

From Themes to Emergent Curriculum: Facing the Resistance to Change with Kindness and Compassion

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