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Me on the Map activity!

Great for younger grades, this helps students learn what it looks like to understand geography with a local and global perspective. This is sometimes difficult for kids.

each student paints a piece for the art show

Could be a cool way to do a community art thing. puzzle project tim kelly artist monmouth arts council teen arts festival surftaco nj nyc art is good.


Is it too cold out to build a real snowman? This snowman kit has what you need to inspire your young artists to draw a snowman. Use the snowman drawing lesson

Art with Ms. Gram: Colored Value Lights (4th & 5th)

Art with Ms. Gram: Colored Lights teaching "value" using die-cut lights and there's a step-by step guide. could be enlarged for young ones?

Color It Like you MEAN it!: Shiny and Bright Ornaments Value, Shading, Highlight 5th grade art project idea lesson

As fifth grade finishes up their whimsical trees, we began a second project in our discussion of abstract art that goes along with our tree.