Biofilter application, Coomera Waters QLD

Biofilter application, Coomera Waters QLD These have proven very effective in cleaning runoff into storm drains and then into our rivers!

When to harvest herbs, fruits, veggies in Australia!

What will grow in your garden this Summer? Have no idea? Then refer to our temperate zone planting guide! It's so easy, just locate your zone on the map and discover all the delicious produce you can be enjoying.

Permaculture demonstration urban garden in Melbourne, Australia. Lots of great info on getting started with permaculture

This section details the design and construction of my garden, which I can happily claim is the very first demonstration Permaculture urban food forest in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia! By "demons.

"Paul Stamets full presentation on how mushrooms can help us and the entire planetary ecosystem heal. From UPLIFT 2012 in Byron Bay." - UPLIFT

Paul Stamets, mycologist, writer, founder of Fungi Perfecti - wearing a hat made of mushrooms.

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