Scratch Post Design 9 Blue and Grey

Scratch Post Design 9 Blue and Grey

Scratch Post Design Pink

Spring Fling Cat Scratcher - FELINE CARE We now have this in Blue and the kittens love it! Easy to assemble and I'd recommend it to anyone with playful cats/kittens.

Catit Senses 2.0 Smart Scratcher

Shop for cat scratchers in Canada at Homes Alive Pet Centre. We ship our cat products across Canada from Lethbridge, AB.

Scratch Post Design 8 Pink

Scratch Post Design 8 Pink

Double Bubble Cat Scratching Post 48cm

Buy Online from a range of Cat Scratching Posts & Toys only from RSPCA Worlforpets.

Catit Catnip Style Scratcher Urban Bench 51cm X 23cm X 16cm

Found it at Wayfair - Catit Bench Cardboard Scratching Board with Catnip

Cutest kittens scratching and playing with 'Cat Pole Bella'

This product will keep your cat entertained for hours and hours, all while protecting furnishings that your cat might find too tempting.

Your feline friend will love the Perfect Cat Scratcher!

This cleverly-designed arch will groom your cat as she plays. She’ll love the feeling of rubbing against the plastic bristles and, when she does, they’ll cat.

Scratch Post Design Blue

It's a cat's natural instinct to scratch and maintain their nails, providing a scratcher is the easiest way to save furniture from unwanted damage.

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