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joining rounds in amigurumi

Usually, amigurmi is worked in a continuous round (spiral). But, if you want to use different yarns to create stripes, you have to join rounds to make the end and the beginning of a stripe line up. This is a method for joining rounds and changing yarn a…

Crochet doll amigurumi pattern

Use this free amigurumi pattern to create a tiny crochet doll with beautiful blue hair and cute clothes.

Cute crochet robot amigurumi pattern - free

This cute crochet robot amigurumi likes traveling to new galaxies and sleeping between hard sessions. Use the free amigurumi pattern to create your own crochet robot with especial features.

Celtic Weave Fingerless Gloves, Pattern by Over The Apple Tree

I was inspired by the Outlander TV series to create some more textured crochet items for my store. After making a few fingerless gloves, I .