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The Cutest Rabbit Ever.  Now I want one.  This one!

Emo Bunny - there's actually a young adult short story about an emo bunny that Ethan & I love. This IS emo bunny!

C'mon @Canda, you know this is cute. @Arielle Shepherd

70 cutie baby animals bring you a good mood the design inspiration; I'm pinning this for my mom who loves squirrels

Cute little piggy

I WANT! Matthew is so lucky I can't find a damn pig farm! I want a piglet! And I want it to grow up to be a big pig and not be bacon! It's gonna happen! And I'm gonna call her Daisy!

Chippy cheeks!

inothernews: CHOMP AND DALE A greedy chipmunk stuffs its mouth with corn on the cob in Ontario, Canada, (Photo: Barbara Lynne / Solent via the Telegraph) OMG, so cute!