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Some Kagura :> Making a Gintama artbook soon btw! It will be available in December or January, I'll update properly once details are concrete.

APH Mafia - Second Spy...? by on @deviantART

APH Mafia - Second Spy. by Lo-wah has to change category.

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden, Hetalia<<<nuu Finland is too short so I can't see him sniping Russia like a boss D:

Part 1/4

Part 1/4

(J) - Norway, Iceland, Denmark

Hetalia (ヘタリア) - Iceland, Norway, and Denmark

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I wanna know what the fuck it says tho

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Kind of amazing how the amount of repulsiveness you feel towards someone is enough fuel to ignore their contact at all times.

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Norway why are you ruining my shippings moments? Being overprotective of Iceland just makes me ship hongice that much more cx

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usuk is so cute in this strip <-- I love how the pet name is spelled (Usuk)…