Chicken coop - elevated for increased ventilation plus it creates a shady area beneath for hot days. #yandeloracoops

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Chicken coop and fully enclosed run. Note the dwarf stone fruit trees. #yandeloracoops

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Chicken tractor. Internal 'bird's eye' view at top of ramp. #yandeloracoops

Chicken coop - manure collection trays for fertilising the garden. #yandeloracoops

Chicken coop under construction. Note the water harvesting. #yandeloracoops

Backyard chicken coop as part of a grander garden plan. #yandeloracoops

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Chicken coop built in the rear of a rental property (with blessing of landlord). #yandeloracoops

Chicken coop - looking good with a light dusting of snow. #yandeloracoops

Chicken tractor. Functional yet attractive in any garden setting. Could give it your own touch with a coat of paint! #yandeloracoops

Chicken tractor. Panels on the side allow for egg collection and cleaning. #yandeloracoops

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