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Hair AND a handlebar mustache= YES!

The rockabilly styles have quickly become a very popular men's hairstyle trend. The style includes the pomp and the slicked back greaser look.

Coche by Maddalena Vismara, via Behance

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The Original Cuppow Lid // a drink top that fits most wide-mouth canning jars, use it to convert your jars to an affordable, sustainable way to hydrate on the run... So clever! #productdesign #industrialdesign

A Plastic Lid That Turns Mason Jars Into Travel mugs. Another great thing to do with Mason Jars.

5 Pack of Cord Tacos.  These are fantastic to help keep your cords from tangling!!!

Ok so I think I like the name "cord taco" a lot! 5 Pack of Cord Tacos Uncovet I need

Logo inspiration

99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration—Picking out the latest trends in branding, identity and logo design in

I'm gonna love this keyboard :)

The "Best Keyboard Ever" // The e-ink keys change to fit the program you are using! [E-ink implementation of the Optimus Keyboard concept. Cool, but I prefer my Unicomp buckling-spring keyboard for actual typing]

This tablet is as thin and flexible as paper!

This tablet is as thin and flexible as paper!this is the new paper Tab, yes! its a tablet first of its kind feels like paper but works like any tablet out now on the market , its the future tablet so come and get yours today