The perfect resotto - The age 10/7/2012. 7th of Top 10 dishes to know

Master the techniques at the heart of these dishes and a rewarding cooking life will be yours.

Creamy potato gratin - The age 10/7/2012. 8th of Top 10 dishes to know

Creamy potato gratin turn potatoes into a beautiful, bubbling gratin Dauphinoise. Balance cooking time and temperature for perfectly cooked potatoes with a scorchy, deliciously caramelised crust.

Osso buco - The age 10/7/2012. 6th of Top 10 dishes to know

The 10 Recipes Everyone Should Master: The classic omelet The perfect risotto Salt and pepper squid Minestrone soup Osso buco Creamy potato gratin Ma po bean curd A great roast chicken Molten chocolate pudding Tarte tatin

Tarte Tartin - The age 10/7/2012. 4th of Top 10 dishes to know

Butter, apples and sugar turn into one of the finest desserts in the world - tarte tatin.

Minestrone soup - The age 10/7/2012. 2nd of Top 10 dishes to know

Vegetables are the foundation of all good dishes; slow cooking creates depth of flavour; correct seasoning is crucial to satisfying eating; and the best of all minestrone variations is alla Genovese, finished with pesto.

Ma po bean curd - The age 10/7/2012. 9th of Top 10 dishes to know

Meat can be an accompaniment and not the main attraction; Chinese chilli bean sauce is wonderful to keep in the fridge; and Sichuan peppercorns are both fiery and numbing, a totally different taste sensation.

A great roast chicken - The age 10/7/2012. 5th of Top 10 dishes to know

To be used for upcoming recipe spread. Epicure, The Age. 27 June Please credit Marina Oliphant.

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