#WORSTDRESSED By Ros Holden Your Colours and Style by Sheike me Up

What does it take to get you on my worst dressed board? Simply wear the #wrongcolours. Because your style is about wearing #yourcolours
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The wrong #Orange for #Oprah

Wearing the wrong colours for you can add kilos to your frame

Red hair red dress and all the #wrongreds

Cameron Diaz has joined the cast of ‘Annie’. The A-list actress will play spiteful orphanage owner Miss Hannigan in Will Gluck’s remake of the classic musical movie, after Sandra …

#wrongcolours together can be very frumpy and aging

Kate Middleton Gets Baby on Board Button, Pregnancy Curves Concealed With Long Blue Coat at London

All I see is the dress and not her in this colour

Julianne Moore / Photo by Keystone Press.poor thing long sleeves in that heat!

So totally inappropriate #Cher and not giving the youthful desired effect at all

Wrong colours on Cher and in the backdrop. A colour disaster

Drab dull and boring in these colours

A bit bright for me as well

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