Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas Granny Flats—a practical alternative to nursing homes Most people send their elderly folks to nursing homes especially if they have not enough space at home to accommodate elderly family members. However, nursing homes are quite expensive and some of them don’t have the best facilities.

pin 3 One of the biggest reasons as to why the laws concerning secondary dwellings, such as Granny Flats, have been changed was to increase the amount of affordable rental housing in the region. Since not everyone can afford to live in a house and a lot of people prefer renting out apartments or homes, allowing the rental of granny flat units has helped satiate the demand for affordable housing. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

pin 1 In the past, only dependent relatives were allowed to reside or live in a granny flat. Previous laws allowed homeowners to build a granny flat on the land where their main place of residence stands provided that a relative stays in it. But, nowadays, the laws have changed and even unrelated people can live in the secondary dwelling on rental.

pin 1 Then why not consider building a granny flat in it? Granny Flats are currently becoming more and more popular especially in Australia. There’s no better way to get extra space in your property than having a granny flat built in it. You can also make money off it by renting it out too!

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heart 1 Housing laws in Australia, especially in the NSW region, has made it possible for people to transform their granny flat into a source of income. As the number of homeowners renting out their Granny Flats increased, the number of affordable housing in the NSW region has increased as well. Important information before building Granny Flats Do you have a huge, unused plot of land at the back of your home? Do you want to convert your backyard into something useful? If you’re interested in earning an income through your granny flat, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you decide to have one constructed in your property. As with everything else, there are rules that need to be followed before one is allowed to build a granny flat. The cost to build a granny flat can vary depending on its size and the materials used for construction. In most cases a 1 bedroom unit can go for approximately $60-70k while a 2 bedroom unit can cost around $100k. The cost for water and electricity connections is not included in both estimates. Homeowners can easily get back the money they invested on building the flat by renting out the unit for as low as $150-300 a week. Not bad, right? Before you make any decision to build a granny flat home, you need to know if there is enough space in your backyard to have one built at all. Make sure your backyard is big enough to support the size of the unit or flat you’re planning on building in it. Be sure to measure the area and then draw a sketch of it. Make sure you include all the boundaries when you measure it. However, while there are advantages to adding a granny flat in your property, there are also drawbacks to it as well. If you want to avoid any problems with this, then there are three things you need to know first.