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I think "dildo" is perfectly acceptable insult. I'd call you a dick but you're not real enough.

savage but true

Funny quotes about life - If you do remember these funny quotes about life than you will always give chill to bad times. You can also share these funny life sayings with others and make them happy too.

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i already am ;)

We're not perfect but we're pretty damn close. Tag someone who embodies this attitude!


There was a time people thought the sun revolved around earth, so maybe the world really does revolve around me .


Funny Confession Ecard: When you say everything happens for a reason, don't be surprised when I slap you in the face. It happened for a reason.

lol omg

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: I'm not saying you're a slut, but you've put more balls in your mouth than the Hungry Hungry Hippos.

New lullaby for some girls I know. Twinkle twinkle little whore, close your legs, they're not a door.


I'm sorry, call me old fashioned, but I think shorts [and skirts] should be longer than your vagina. (And this is really, really, REALLY not something to be worn by younger girls!

Funny Breakup Ecard: Sometimes I wonder what she has that I dont. And then I realize, probably herpes.