terrasse en bois : on adore la vitrine qui ouvre la salon vers l'extérieur et apporte de la lumière. Bonne idée : le cadre en bois design qui permet de créer un banc en longueur

One in one out window seat idea! The best residential interior decoration of Matt Gibson Architecture + Design for Courtyard House, Vic See the finalists for the 'residential design' category here.

“3D” drawing by Lex Wilson

This is great design. Creating the illusion of depth is not easy. Incredible Typography Sketches by Lex Wilson

Pretty into this thingy by Jessica Hische

Oxfam Holiday by Jessica Hische. Campaign for their 2011 holiday season Client: BBDO for Oxfam America// Art Direction: Francis Almeda, Liz Miller-Gershfeld//


in 2021 the United Nations unanimously agreed that every iceberg had to be marked "iceberg"

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