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Ingredients: tablespoons rice 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon milk Preparation method: Boil the rice and strain it, keeping the water from the boiling process. Mix the rice with the heated milk and then add the honey into this mixture, blending everything well. Apply the mask on your face and leave it to act for 10 minutes. Rinse it with the water used to boil the rice. Repeat this treatment once a week.

Eye bags: 1. Add 1 teaspoon of backing soda in a glass of hot water or tea and mix it well. 2. Take a pair of cotton pads and soak them in the solution and place them under the eye. 3. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off and apply a moisturizer Practicing this procedure daily will render amazing results in just a week.

Hair Tips: Coconut oil can get a little drippy, so put on an old t-shirt or drape a towel around your shoulders to prevent it from getting on your nice clothes. It's best to start the conditioning treatment in your bathroom, but you'll be able to move around while you let it soak into your hair for a few hours. Get yourself some coconut oil and bring your skin back to its natural beauty at http://www.purefiji.com/blog/benefits-coconut-oil/

This is an amazing mask for skin whitening and for removing dead cells. Many women want to lighten parts of their face or of their hand so they can have a uniform face tone. A peel off mask could be a facial mask that nourishes and moisturizes your skin. This facial mask cover a plasticizing…

Do you have dark skin on knees and elbows and this bothers you? Here is how easily you can get rid of it in just 10 days. Follow this recipe and the results will be remarkable!