Ned Kelly was a murder who was born June 1854. He was born in Victoria with his Convict father. Before he died and has a total of six dead and four wounded. (Now ten dead.) Before he was captured he made plate armor and assaulted a police station.

Edward "Ned" Kelly was an Irish Australian bushranger. He is considered by some to be merely a cold-blooded killer, while others consider him to be a folk hero and symbol of Irish Australian resistance against the Anglo-Australian ruling class.

This is a wall painting founded in Kakadu National Park in Australia. Art like this can be traced back over 30,000 years.

DVinchi library of fine art Aboriginal Pre-historic Australian Cave painting by Unknown

The Aborigines had lived in Australia long before people found out that it actually existed. They found in a quarry near Penrith, New South Wales, in 1971 Stone Tools which proves people lived their at least twelve thousand years before they appeared in Europe.

Australian Indigenous People(s) in Justice (Model Practices) - mainly focused on criminal and restorative justice, a site of abstracts with links to articles, some on social justice and the importance of education.

Captain James Cook and other European explorers found New Holland(Australia's nick-name by the Dutch.) in 1770

Captain James Cook November 1728 – 14 February was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy.

Australia's pre-history goes back some 47,000 years when it is believed that the first people crossed the sea from South East Asia. 	The Aborigines had own early Australia, before people started invading their land. The Dutch had first recorded sighting of Australia was in 1606 which they called it, New Holland. In 1770, Captain James Cook sailed from England to Australia, putting Australia onto the world’s maps by charting some of Australia and taking eastern half of Australia for Britain.

Australian Coat of Arms. The Emu and the Kangaroo are on our coat of arms because neither animal can walk backwards.

This is the Australian army heading back to Sydney after assisting the allies in WW1 (World War 1)..

HMAS Sydney at full speed, ten minutes after the ceasefire was ordered in her battle with the German cruiser Emden.

Aboriginals believed that the world was made by the Ancestors, back in the Dreamtime. The Ancestors made everything – the rocks, mountains, plants and animals. They made the Aboriginals too. The Ancestors left certain sights to show which places were to be sacred. The Aboriginals performed ritual songs and ceremonies near the sacred sites to keep the spirits of the Ancestors alive.

Australian History: The Dreamtime. How the sun was made.

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